Graphic Design

Invitations, websites, posters, you name it and I'll find a way to help you out with your design needs.

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One thing that I love doing is designing and maintaining websites. I am familiar with HTML and CSS coding, but like to build websites that are code-less so that you are able to make edits yourself if need be. Below are links to some of the websites that I have worked on:
This was the first website I did for musician and GVSU faculty member Marlen Vavrikova. This was entirely done using Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS. Marlen now manages the website on her own, but the initial design, layout and coding was done by myself.
This website was done when I worked for Steven Huyser-Honig's Michigan as his studio assistant. Grand River Giclee is the printing side of his business, and all graphics and photos on the website are also my work. Steven manages the website now, but he initially set it up using Wordpress and I worked to create the layout, manage navigation, include ways to artists to order prints and minimal coding to help the layout improve.
This is the website for the Grand Valley Aquarium Club, which I am the newsletter editor and website administrator for. Using Squarespace, I created this new website for the club, added graphics, set an overall design standard and redid the navigation from their past website to improve ease and avoid repeated information. I currently also maintain the website with new information and update images as needed.
These two websites go along with each other for a fish retail store and service business downtown Grand Rapids. I help maintain and update their websites with new information and new photos! Both were built with the GoDaddy website builder so that the business would also be able to make changes as needed and access their website without too much code involved.